That’s according to Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics and astronomy.

In what is turning out to be quite a revelation, an exhibit by Jerusalem's Hebrew University shows that Newton was more odd (or well-rounded depending on your orientation) than his publicist of old would have him remembered by people.

The public exhibit entitled "Newton's Secrets" puts on display previously unpublished writings of Newton including his dabbling in theology and biblical prophecy.

To quote the AFP:

Working from verses in the Book of Daniel, the elaborator of the classical laws of gravity, motion and optics argued that the world would end 1,260 years after the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire in Western Europe in 800 AD.”

Interestingly, this would suggest that Newton believed the Holy Roman Empire to be the fulfillment of the “abomination that maketh desolate”, which was supposed to mark the beginning of “one thousand two hundred and ninety days” till all these things shall be finished” spoken of in Chapter 12 of the book of Daniel.

Although I agree that the Holy Roman Empire was abominable to some extent (mainly due to its close association with Catholic Popes), I would have to disagree with Newton’s interpretation in the light of Brother Eli Soriano’s own explanation of Daniel 12:11, (which, I’m not about to divulge).

I reserve my final say on the matter until after I have read Newton’s full explanation. It should be juicy reading! Imagine, no less than the father of modern physics and astronomy falling flat on his face when it comes to biblical understanding.

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