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Funny how modern science comes up with seemingly startling "discoveries" of things that were long exposed in the Bible if only we had enough respect for God's Word to read it and believe what it says instead of clinging to the dogmatic doctrines of some religious leaders no matter how erratic the implications.

There's this "breakthrough" of a supposed reconstruction of Jesus's face using the advances of forensic science. Interestingly, the resulting image is the remotest representation of Christ in comparison with every conceivable iconic artistry ever done in the name of the Lord, yet, personally, I find it the most convincing of all. This I mean only in the context of representational purposes and not icon worship nor veneration, for which the bible clearly refrains us from doing.

The scientists behind the project cites several anthropological reasons for coming up with the final product. But the reason I ascribe with the gravest importance is I Corinthians11:14.
"If a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him"

In one chapter of the book Paul mentions having seen Jesus. He then later describes long hair on a man as disgraceful. Would Paul called long hair on a man as "disgraceful" if Jesus Christ had had long hair?

Beyond the bible, we really have no major basis that Christ ever existed. Yet scandalously, many people would rather cling to their cherished mental image of Christ courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci rather than stick to the biblical depiction of Christ courtesy of saint Paul and other biblical writers who are obviously more credible spokespersons of the Truth and are undeniably were guided by the Holy Spirit in their ministering to the flock of Christ.

To quote Albert Einstein, "Science without faith is lame; faith without science is blind."

We can see clearly now that the earth is round when before it was flat; and anyone who will say it is otherwise must have to endure excommunication by the Pope. What blind faith to believe the guy is infalliable when indeed he is blind... In fairness to my Catholic friends, not all subscribe to the idea of papal infalliability....

Now to quote the rhetorical question posted by the real Jesus Christ himself, "...Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both fall into the ditch?" (Luke 6:39)

(...for more details on this forensic study, click here.)

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  • Blogger Jamie
  • said...
    GOD is DEAD...Get over it!

  • Blogger Journeyist
  • said...
    That's odd Jamie. If God is dead, then we all with the rest of the universe should have died with him? Come now, your very existence, as well as those of your kids, are enough proof that God is very much alive. And your decision to believe otherwise does not change that reality a bit. Thanks for the comment.

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